Tution Teacher Ke Sath Kiya Kuch Aisa Jise Dekh Ke Aap Hairan Ho Jayenge!
I was in 9th class when the new teacher came to our school, Mrs. Sharma She was too hot gorgeous ans sexy I was in love with her on the very first day then I used to get close to her but she always get me ignore and I was like messed up with her and always wants to be with her and wants do sex with her because she was hot as hell

The day of result I got very low marks in maths my mom used to ask for join coaching and I was like agree but if Mrs. Sharma will teach me when i asked my mom to ask Mrs sharma she was agree, yeas that what I wants my mom asked her and she too was agree

The day turn my life I was shocked to see Sharma mam in my house and on the very first day when she visited I was only their in the house i.e I was alone in the house with Mrs Sharma and I was like is this the moment to touch her or tell her that I m in love with her and wants her like as hell

I was ready to do what ever  she will ask me to do I was in love with her and always thinking to do sex with her and fuck her, because I was in love with her

One day my story was over like I was been seen by my mother when I was been doing sex with maam and my mom enter the room and I was been detected by her and that’s how my love story was ended,
after this incident my maam was tranferred to another city and we never met again and our love story was ended here one of the best thing about my story was maam also started liking me and want me with her always.
She was also in love with me like i was their
I love you sharma Ma’am


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