At this time the cricket enthusiasts of the country are immersed in the IPL.
Why not This time we have got to see many interesting encounters in the IPL.
The results of many bouts have come to the last ball. One such match got us
to see between the teams of Punjab and Hyderabad.

In this match Punjab defeated Hyderabad by 15 runs. Chris Gayle is the hero of Punjab’s victory.
Gayle gave a fantastic century to win his team. These are the same Gayle, which was not ready to
buy any team in the IPL. Finally, Gayle joined the Punjab team at the behest of Sehwag.

584655-070417-gs-pk-05This is none other than South Poonam Kaur’s famous actress.
Now the beauty of them is so much that the viewers of the
camera were forgetting the match and watching them. Let me
tell you that Poonam is often seen in the IPL.


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