This Listicle is about highlighting Indian Cricketers who married the love of their live though their wives are not from so rich background but they are not being famous.
They are cute and beautiful enjoying their life with the famous Indian Cricketers.

Lets check out the beautiful wives of Indian Cricketers.

*Umesh Yadav:
His wife Tanya is fashion designer and also had a degree in same.
*Mahendra Singh Dhoni:
We all are aware of this couple as of the film MS Dhoni. Sakshi is very cute and beautiful and they had a beautiful love story. They were blessed with a girl child, they named her Ziva.

*Manoj Tiwary:
This couple meet each other by a common friend, and know each other from past many time.
*Cheteshwar Pujara:
His wife name is Puja and she is from a good business background. They were married in the year 20132lirjrny1y81ryzb5oc5

*Suresh Raina:
Suresh and Priyanka tied in the bond in the year 2015. Priyanka basically handles various NGOs and foundation.32ywo1umrlnp5r4azkir

*Gautam Gambhir:
Natasha is Gautam’s childhood friend and tied in a bond in year 2011.acgmhvcxu36p974ycjht
*Ravichandran Ashwin:
Ashwin’s wife Preethi hails from Chennai, the couple got married in 2011. They are presently blessed with two daughters, Adhya and Akhira. efmav1xu33vwxmrou2jx

*Bhuvenshwar Kumar:
A very beautiful couple recently the news about their engagement surfaced on the internet.g1m5h7fw9vh307fi187e


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